Ceramic Art with an Organic Touch

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Contemporary Clay 2018

The Western Colorado Center for the Arts offers this
international, juried biennial in the spring of every
even year. Contemporary Clay aims to showcase the
latest developments in ceramic art. The exhibition
is open to sculptural and functional work and instal-
lation art. We also welcome collaborative projects
(between two or more artists) and mixed media work
that uses clay as its primary material. The WCCA is a
hub for ceramics on the Western Slope, and we revel
in the opportunity to see how ceramicists in other
parts of the world engage with the field. At its core,
Contemporary Clay is an exchange of ideas, and we
invite artists everywhere to participate.

The show runs from May 11 - June 23




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“Elizabeth Shriver’s ceramic sculptures resemble natural entities, such as coral or seeds, blown up in scale. Re-imagining tiny forms as three-foot-tall sculptures encourages us to get lost in the detail, texture, and subtle symmetry of the organic.”



APRIL 05, 2012

 The River Cities Reader


“Shriver has recreated a coral reef within the gallery space with her ceramic creations inspired by undersea life. They have muted colors but the shapes are remarkably realistic.”



NOVEMBER 23, 2004

The River Cities Reader

“Her works transcend the ceramic media. The first thing you notice is the shape and form of her ceramic sculpture, not what the object is made of. Her works are very pleasing to view.”


“I recommend that anyone working in ceramics view her work just to get some ideas and compositional techniques. The rest of us can benefit from the beauty that each work creates.”



DECEMBER 23, 2002

The River Cities Reader



Spherical Swirl Lantern
Spherical Swirl Lantern

Small Seed Pod
Small Seed Pod